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  Rheinische Kantorei  

Since its foundation in 1977, the Rheinische Kantorei has become synonymous with exemplary interpretations in the spirit of historical performance practice.  The austere voices distinguish themselves by a bright, radiant sound, absolute precision in intonation, perfect harmony, carefully worked-out diction, transparency and ease.  This gives the ensemble its unmistakable trait, which makes it one of the leading vocal interpreters of early music.  The high level of professionalism across the ensemble means even solo parts can be taken by choir members.  The exact size of the ensemble varies from twelve to thirty-two singers, depending on the work which is being performed.

The choirs’ repertoire is by no means restricted to the music of the Renaissance or the Baroque.  Works from the classical or the romantic period feature also in the concert program.  Particular emphasis is placed on the performance of unknown works and those lying dormant in archives.  Many of those have been discovered by Hermann Max, edited, supplemented where required, and thus saved from oblivion.  Apart from concertante performances, audio recordings make the works accessible to a wide audience.

On one side therefore the ensemble manages to captivate its concert and recording audiences through perfect a capella singing.  On another oratorio and opera performances with Das Kleine Konzert result in moments of great joy and highlights in the musical calendar.